Fallen... not I, you... or maybe I have fallen too

3 min min read - April 28, 2004

I said, that it mismatches it me, it and it. I was pissed of on many things, as well as in accordance with it indifferently instruct proceed. It can excessively even, because my ignoring reaches borders of absurd already and I do not understand as it is possible not feeling sad when cause for has specific sadness reason, but be glad simultaneously, that are not sad. However, it among you that scare I see it signifies my familiar -. You know. Here it can walk about outlook on life. But I thought , that I search I in whole hole, that I play to vital hipohondrię. But however,. Many of you beats me on head.

I said often " Sielay but you have fucked lfei. It does not leave it. Here once again some sad news. And it has not left regarding cordial it once again ". But never not risk think, though I will concede it be near, that I am it, there is which most worst. Not. You know. I had such method. I have said familiar about my problems, I have written on blogu or I have considered manner with some anonymous person on fate anonymously chat super, then I ascertained not be " so evil, it is possible to make something with it ". And your desert in great it, that there is so. Next blows I hartowały and they built this good change of ignoring and assertiveness. But it at I other that notice paralyze. As it happens, that really, we live in some world of illusion hinged. We think, that bad thing we. We are felt as if we were in such isolated environment, in rubber gloves, but whole colorful the rest it Matrix. And suddenly it reaches we some events and we fall, we are smashed about it. We are not knownto maintain. It has become familiar familiar . And then, familiar other . Suddenly we fall into paranoia, because we think that from day on day, from same cause each begin sufferring. As if they did not break people with earlier, they sicken, they were born and they died, they weeped and they were glad .

uch time comes in life of person, that certain events increase . For example, it results with structure our society generacyjnej and from our limited time on this world. And so when we are give birth to cousins still and it is full new children, when bunch of senior shrinks to adulthood wwkraczamy, grandmothers of grandfathers depart, then, familiar begin collect and so on. It natural, but it issues me, that majority of we sees great in it fate wydarzenai, suddenly which, they meet us all wave. Not. Point of view depends on point of sit.

When somebody say be glad because it does not defends it and fear it it not occur think, where from anybody knows it, that it has not occurred me. Where from you can know e.g. if girl has not betrayed I, or if I am not on something ill. I must not say yet you all. Never forthat not judge person it not know. Probably, it obvious. Never I judged naprzykład, that my statements can be censored. On the contrary, I felt, that it is devoted notes not enough memorial too. But it turns out here, that my statements in certain moment become inconvenient and my notes on one of begin rejecting onet.pl buletin boards. But never I will say, " Zo¶ka, it be glad , that you can say that you want and it does not defends nobody it it it ". I fear other something. I has not stood on land in order to rigidly far too . But become still a bit such me vision Matrix-Harry-Potter. I think still, though about somebody close quietly me unsupectious. And I think aboutlexodus still seriously. Something clears secon regarding it slowly, but it in other section of fairy tale about sielay the walker.

Note translated at www.translate.pl (and it seems to be translated wrong)

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