WAYNs back

Dec 3, 2006 - 1 min read


This article has been recovered using archive.org as my plan to find back how I evolved over the years. My opinons might have changed since. I was 22 years old when I wrote it.

WAYN’s back. A little bit tired, I think. But also, it was worth being tired. Whole weekend spent at the sea, had fun and relaxed. I really appreciate that this team isn’t just some collective of people working together for 8 hours 5 days in a week. Till I joined it, I though that motivating system known to me as HP System was the best. I was wrong. It’s amazing how much power, self confidence and just sense of having fun you can wake by simply treating employer as equal. Really, honestly I may say it was luck for me to join it. There are only two things that weren’t OK. And I’m not talking about prices in this place where have we been. Somehow it was obvious that four star hotel focused on SPA wouldn’t be cheap. The thing that I would like to change was that I gone there alone. Maybe next time I’d have possibility to take my princess with myself. It’s very pity to miss SUCH party… not forgetting about whole aqua complex. The second thing was that last year gave me additional few… no… not few… a lot of kilos. I hate it and need to change it. A specially that almost nobody have noticed that I’ve lost about 7 kilos in three weeks last time. Also. After seeing photos - argh… I look like a Muppet… It’s fucking pissing me off and at the moment I have much ambition to change it. Maybe also because very few believe that I’ll achieve it. Truth is I’m 22 and want to look like 22 and I’ll be. Just don’t care about others - even - I’d have chance to say: “Now you see!? I done it!” Ahhhhh! It’s like virus. I’m infected by some kind of optimism. Looking at everything through pink glasses. Uncommon for me, isn’t it? OK… as I said at the beginning I’m a bit tired. So… wait for next note and for photos - I need to ask Marcin to fix them a bit in photoshop before (belly and that stuff) :P