First day of Christmas

Dec 26, 2006 - 2 min read


This article has been recovered using as my plan to find back how I evolved over the years. My opinons might have changed since. I was 22 years old when I wrote it.

First day of Christmas just passed away. Maybe I’m not Scrooge and that’s not “A Christmas Carol”… even, it isn’t New Years Day already. But even, it’s good time to look behind and judge that I’ve done before. I won’t judge whole year - “Don’t judge day before sunset ” as they say in Poland - I’d just judge that what happened last time. And happened a lot. I not much care about this commercial version of holidays that you can see in TV or in every shop in the city. I’m not really interested in gifts and 12 dishes on my table - as there should be because tradition. I don’t really care care about Christmas Tree and Christmas Songs and Wishes and so on… I just care about that this is most family day in whole year. That’s the This Christmas weren’t like any other before. One one hand family is smaller than before, we are older and we spend it calmer and slower. On the other, family seems to grow, we see new ways before us and us never before we feel that we’re are like one great solid stone - unbreakable rock. That’s very warm and nice feeling. I really biggest reason why I’m happy and lucky men. That’s the reason why I’m not afraid going through next unknown day. I might say another time, that I’m very happy about my position. Someone would say - your boss is reading it, so you write that’s cool. Maybe he does, but even if? Why should I lie? I’m happy that my hard work done across last few years gave me enough experience to join this team and a chance to show that I’m good in that what I really do. That motivates me, shows that me it’s worth to believe in your dreams and just try. Trying is 50% of success as they say… I think that’s wise. I wouldn’t of course forget about my biggest precious that gives me the most of my power, motivation and happiness. Girl that makes me feel a men and want to be better everyday. Girl that is unpredictable and warm at the same time. I like watching that we both learn how to care about ourselves, forgive all mistakes and just try. It’s so great feeling when you feel so sad, so disappointed and one call, few minutes of her voice can make me most happy men all over the world. As I summarise everything I see that there is one luck formula that works for me. Just to be myself, to stay a bit childish, believe in my dreams and just TRY to make them come true. Never give up even if something seems to be unrealistic. Even if everybody around you tells you “give up, don’t waste your time”… Nothing would never, ever stop me, while I have dreams. Dream about perfect family. Dream about girl I love. Dream about me everyday stronger, wiser and more experienced…For these who expected some cool relation… maybe another time… some whiles I’ll leave for myself…