Now I know

2 min min read - January 17, 2007

Now I know. To go from continental ice to geographical North Pole you need at last seven weeks. Another reason why really extremal round the world trip should last at least one year. I wonder how it’s about South Pole. Antarctica is much bigger, but you can start from any distance you wish… I still not know what I’m thinking about. I mean being on poles or to conquer poles. Need to think about it seriously. I don’t want to travel everywhere by plain. I wish to use it only when I’d have to. I truly need to read a bit about it. Still have several years to think and prepare. I may take some new experience on autumn. There is a chance to go to India. To be honest I have to tell that I’d wish to go. But everything depends on how busy I am. Ah… I lost some inspiration… I had it few minutes ago… Need to think… Yes. Now I know. Maybe I should prepare some map that I can spot my wish targets on. Then I’d put some info about this places and about traveling from one to another. There always should be some plan… But… I may bore you by this talking about traveling. Sorry. I live in travel world, I work for travel company and I just can’t stop thinking about it. It’s just the best way to describe my state at the moment. I think about traveling. I feel like traveling and I have to travel. I don’t mean that’s my duty or I want just go away from my town. I don’t. I love to be here. I love that what I do and I really feel that I’m in the best way to increase my skills and properly use these that I already own. I mean about traveling once, twice a year to places I have never been and collect experience before travel of the life time… Am I too focused on my self? If so? Is it bad? Someone has to be focused on me. That’s most normal state at the moment… I lost vain… My mind is empty like this hills on pic… Maybe because I’m tired. Or maybe because I’ve lost something… Both… About being tired… I’ll take a rest. About losing anything. There’s always other WAY(N), isn’t there? Oh. About WAYN… For members: check great adventure on Atlantic2006. For not (yet) members, just check how WAYN cool is. PS, there is party on Friday, I’ll try to take some photos and upload them.

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