I was in Czech

2 min min read - January 31, 2007

I was in Czech. Is that what I suppose to write about? Probably. But I think I would write more about it on WAYN. Here is place for my own thoughts, feelings. So what about them? What do I feel now? What do I dream about? I sit next to bottle of Czech beer and try to summarise my day. Much work done. I think that’s good. After my trip I feel much more power inside me. It was really good to just forget about allresponsibilities and do something cool. Only my back hurts a bit after my first time on snowboard. But I think it was good enough as for me. Next time I will have morefitted equipment and be in better form. But even now, I do really think I learned much and next time would be just about great fun on snow. I hope so… Last days I spent much time to repair my contacts with old friends. It isn’t quite easy when you have very large contact list and not much time to share. I think that wayners who would like to become my pen-pals should understand it. I am not even very popular on WAYN at the moment, but my inbox is still overloaded and I have no chance to reply to every message. So that’s why I wish you people to use comments on this or on WAYN blog. But back to friends. As far as you probably know most of them are in UK at the moment. So I have no chance to meet them recently. But in age ofInternet no borders are unbreakable. Also I think that good chance to meet some of them would be March when I suppose to go to London for very first time. I’m still a bit confused and lost in all things I should think about before I go. But I think it will be another great trip.Pity, that it would be very short trip, but still a little adventure ;P. Who would be there between 7Th and 10Th March? I’d love to have some company over there. What about next destinations? Not sure really. As I said I’m very busy last time. In half of February I go back to University and all the time I study Russian and just started with Japanese. This year I have to defend my diploma of economics, so when I compare it with thousands of great WAYN projects, I think that before summer or even autumn I’d have no possibility to go anywhere. But I don’t think that’s bad. Even better. These trips would seem to be much more exciting after such great and hard work. I hope you’d cheer me up in this time :). What else. I don’t know. As I said, about trip to Czech I’d write on WAYN, but not today. I still wait for some photos. On the end I would like to say thanks to all the pals visiting my profile and my blog. I see that last changes aboutcomparing it with WAYN and promoting it on rate blogs helped me to expand readers group. I appreciate it much, really. Take care my friends and to next note.

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