This time it would be much shorter

2 min min read - February 2, 2007

This time it would be much shorter. Or I just think it would be. Depends on how long I’d have vein inside myself. And as far as you probably know vain can last for ages or just run with the lightest wind. Isn’t it about any other feeling? I think in some way it is… Sometimes you can burn, burn, burn, filled with some unnaturalenergy and later just… wake up as a dust. Do you know Nelly Furtado? Do you like her music? On her last album (Lose) you can find track called “All the good things”. It tells about great true. “Flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to the end?” In Poland we would say “All what is good have own end”. Isn’t it right? It is bloody right and true. But is it bad? Not really think so. Long ago I learned to change every experience (no matter if it was good or not) to value. Value that makes my every next day much better. I learned tobreath with whole chest and to start making my dreams come true - not only trying. Yoda would say: “Do, try not. Lose time on trying not!” I think that this little green thing was completely right. I may say that’s pity. Of course it is. Always when something sad or bad happens in your life you may say that. But why you won’t just say “Shit happens”. You shouldn’t forget to take lesson from every experience, but you shouldn’t forget about your future. Future is your dream. Just make it come true. As I wrote last time I started to repair my links. After chat with girl with whom I was several years ago, I realised that I made same mistakes three times in my life. To turn this situation to more silly, I found that every person related to me that time made the same kind of mistake to. Also regrets were similar. Haven’t we learned a thing? No. We did. But several experience don’t fix every problem. Every issue make another. Every step brings you forward, not far, but after few steps you can see another, better way. So with such experience… should I chance a thing? Something of course. But not all. I think evolution is smarter than me. Wounds soon will be replaced by flesh stronger than before. I see the light. So many opportunities. Should I grab them all? No way. Greediness is a sin. I won’t ever let hurt anybody because my needs… I will step by step into the light :). Oyasumi nasai

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