Gen 8:1-2 BBE

1 min min read - February 6, 2007

Gen 8:1-2 BBE(1) And God kept Noah in mind, and all the living things and the cattle which were with him in the ark: and God sent a wind over the earth, and the waters went down. (2) And the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven were shut, and the rain from heaven was stopped.

This note isn’t about if I believe in God or not. I do believe in him as in perfect kind of love and good upon the world, no matter what name he owns. This note is about that some good force above us is like this Gods wind that moves clouds away and gives as shiny rays of bright sun. This note is about, that every storm has its end and every wound gets cured. Slower or faster. I do really depends on us. We decide how long we want to cry and own harm in our hearts. I could take it and handle it as long as I can. But what for? Isn’t it enough? It is, absolutely. I feel fresh air. Not a chance to do next, similar step into some schema, relation, game between two souls. I feel wind in my sails to float far, high… I feel power to do something good with my life. You know why? Because it’s too short to lose it for sadness.2

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