What happened?

2 min min read - February 24, 2007

What happened? I haven’t been writing for over a week. I may say: I was busy. It would be true… in some way. I might say: I was partying. True again. I could say: I spent this time with cool people. Just exactly what I did. Or even I would say: I achieved some objectives and succeed. Right. Probably if it would be common journal, I’d write about all these things that happened last week. About spending time in Pinokio, Can Can, Rocker, Inferno and Black Pearl. About creating few very cool toys, that you can now try on some of my favorite pages. About my plans about new car (hope I’d finish that topic soon, because I’m bit tired of it) or about my new cool group at university. But would it be full description? Would it be real, just my, sielay-like type of note? Without any complaining? Without tears, thoughts, dreams and memories? Maybe it should be like that? Maybe at once, I should stay calm… silent. Stop talking about what I feel. What I dream about and what makes me cry? What it difference make to me? To you? I may shout. I may tell whole world that no matter how lucky I am at the moment, that’s not enough for me. I could scream at loud that I miss, I care, I hate, I love, I blame… But the point is… what it will change? No matter what I do, I’ll still be the same Łukasz. Still I’ll be working on myself, gaining all what life brings to me… Still be lunatic optimist… What it would change, if I’d complain about somewhere someone takes more, that he deserve? More than I gained… Trying less… Nothing.Absolutely nothing… At the moment I’d like to thank all the pals that were with me last days: Gosia, Natalia, Martyna, Aga, Madzia, Tomek, Mariusz, Bukerije, Emily, Johanne, Iness, Anetka, Żabcia, Ola, Karolina and Karolina, Joy, Yumiko and all that I forgot to mention… That you all again.

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