I thought that I'm bloody lucky

1 min min read - February 28, 2007

I thought that I’m bloody lucky. Just after I saw my dream car as a rubbish, finished by rust my phone ringed. Eleven years old, last owner was a first one, old German lady that used it only to go shopping or to go church. Otherwise it was hidden safe in garage. I wasn’t very optimistic at the beginning. But later I was shocker. Really nice car, in great state, extraordinary cheap. Also, great one to tune it up. Only thing that I had to have was imagination… and patience. I don’t know how it is in other EU countries, but here registering car from abroad is bloody time wasting. I have to wait almost week to take my car to basic tuning and fixing. Almost two weeks to be able to use it. Sic! I never thought that I’d be crazy about such thing. And now I know what even the worst car means to male being. All the time I read what can I fix, change. Some things I should do - still this car have some mohair-like elements inside (LOL) - some I’d love to. There are so many opportunities… after I saw what people can do with Skoda… damned… :) I can’t wait taking the wheel… Will notice you what would happen… Trust me :) By the way. Sorry for being so unavailable. I’m even more in rush than normally. But I think that’s good. Why? Because I gonna shock you with few things soon. Take care and Hugs!

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