Tomorrow Never Dies

2 min min read - October 10, 2014

Do you remember number of articles and books about changes in your life that said: do it now, not tomorrow? Tomorrow indeed never dies. Often you want to do the old song for the last time before changes, but changes never come. The same is in your business or startup.

In many cases you or your advisors find our you need to change way you work. Do a pivot. You see that current way won't take you anywhere and you are only losing money. You have some idea about delivering something promised and that makes you say: One more time and we will review all. But after one deadline comes another. You end up in circle of infinity.

It may happen that finally you come to the office, you clean the desk. Team draws new methodologies and plans, everyone is happy, but then Yesterday spirit comes and strikes back with dual power. It makes you do expectation basing on Yesterday deadlines, Yesterday assumptions, Yesterday plans. You blame team and changes and come back to your infinity loop of madness.

There is urban legend about creators of Wunderlist, who after failing first time fired whole team and started from scratch. Did it worked. It did. Main reason? There was no Yesterday. Even, if CEO stayed the same: decisions, plans, methods came with new. Cutting of from the past is cutting with all. Sometimes (if CEO is too attached) it means cutting the CEO, because he/she will be annoying spirit of the past like in the Christmas Carol.

Don't wait anther day. If you see your sheep is heading to deadly, stoney coast - cut it. Apologise your clients and investors. Return what you have to return. Clean the desk and start to listen to advisors you ignored before. They might be right.

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