When did we lost it?

2 min min read - September 14, 2018

I just came from a refreshing holiday. It wasn't restful by any means. No, it was quite a job looking after my two-year-old son while travelling. While the setting was lovely I did not sleep longer and actually, I was far more physically tired than usual (luckily all to allow my wife to rest a bit). All of that came with quite an unusual outcome. As thanks to the new job, I could finally after years enjoy wireless time off I lost much need to look into my social media accounts. I did it still, but much less than normal.

After we came back I looked on my LinkedIn, Instagram, briefly on Facebook which I hate with a passion, or even on Youtube. And I realised I lost a sense of their purpose. Youtube has loads of content, but very little that actually is of my interest. Instagram actually revolve around vanity, which previously was massively produced by myself too. Facebook is one big trolling house and LinkedIn is senseless if you don't look for a job. And I don't. It actually annoys me more.

I felt far more connection with my wife and boy staying offline or even catching on series in the evening together. So what has changed?

I'll leave the obvious issue with Facebook (which is too full of hatred to digest) and Instagram (which may be good for my "I will lose fat one-day" profile). Also, I don't use those anymore to reach my friends so often as I'm busy with my personal life as they are. The biggest issue I found with one I did not mention yet - Twitter. The only reason I used it was to try to network in the IT community in London. Follow people who are strong leaders there and reach some that may get closer. What I felt that I was chasing something not less shallow than fit pics on Insta.

I have feeling that most of the content around our scene is now about being cool. About showing off. It's not different to times we posted our emo blackened eye photos on MySpace or wrote first blogs about high school crushes. It's a new wave of microcelebrities that bring no real value.

Don't get me wrong. There are amazing people posting about how projects like React or Gatsby grow. But many things are totally out of blue and should be more kept for narrow circles of one's real friends. Twitter doesn't have those boundaries so it shows this mismatch most.

I think we lost it long ago. We are generation post. And this post is one of the elements of it (so excuse me my sticky hypocrisy). I don't mean to preach. I more cry over how we (included ME) lost touch with real life in favour of idols on our small screens...

Each of us needs a proper holiday when you turn off your phone and unplug. Do that for yourself and you'll come back changed.