The truth and kindness prevails

1 min min read - September 17, 2018

People dealing with rejection often allow their emotions to build new imaginary words. As they drew in denial or simply accept the change, they look for the guilt in others. It's very nicely explained in the book everyone should read - The subtle art of not giving a F*ck by Mark Manson .

I had a few situations in life when someone failure or rejection resulted in false accusations against my person. Some time about me supposedly doing something, other time about me saying something, yet another time about me having a secret project that was in conflict with person own gigs. I never let those hurt and I never lost energy fighting them. Like always being open and simply moving on gives the best results. I might mention each of such cases, but I shall not. Not because I may be afraid of something. More because I believe people can learn and evolve. And I wish that to anyone who spent too much time blaming others than changing their future for the better.

Try it sometimes. It makes miracles.