1 min min read - February 11, 2019

Every time I come back to this blog I used to have a massive vision of what I would do, how I will drive it further. Maybe: how I'd become another blogging world sensation. Let's be honest. This or most of other blogs never meant to be big. That are just our small pillows to cry our worries, shout our dreams and say our prayers. All the stress, pressure, burnout we can read around starts there. Setting too high expectations for ourselves and forgetting about a very simple thing - gratitude. But it's very important to say "thank you". Even if no one reads. Even if no one listens. It's important to say it to realise that there are so many good souls around us we often not value enough.

I won't make a list here. I made it in front of the mirror. Today, yesterday will do tomorrow. And in a second I will repeat to two most important just before I lay down to rest.

To them and to many of you, thank you.