GoPro bad driver hunt

2 min min read - April 25, 2019

It is some time already since I decided to be a bit of Vigilante Cyclist. Exactly on 21th December last yer I have made my first GoPro footage based report and a loads have happened since:

  1. I have made 72 reports of which:
    • 27 initialized prosecution, many already finished in driver retraining
    • 20 ended up in warning letter and entry on the driver record, mostly because weak quality of footage (night or reflections)
    • 15 resulted in no action
  2. The biggest problem on UK roads is using handheld phone while driving.
    • 44 of reports are regards phone or video
    • more or less every 4th driver in slow traffic commits offense with using phone, it's anyhow quite difficult (and would take much time) to record/report each one.
    • most drivers have no idea about Highway Code rules regards usage phone:
      • they think using handheld sat nav is legal
      • they think that if car is in the queue or rolls slowly they can use the phone
      • they think that texting or watching video on phone in the holder/cradle is legal
  3. Close passes are rare, but if they happen they are very serious.
  4. There are a lot of bad cyclists too. Red light jumping happens every few minutes.
  5. It's risky to draw driver attention to the problem. It happened twice to me that driver followed me and tried to intimidate (both in prosecution) and one tried to run me over (fastest ever MET response).
  6. Pedestrians on the phone are still the most dangerous users of the road.
  7. Prosecution takes ages. Before it's finished video can't be public:

Here are some cases that I was able to make public:

Nasty overtaking - prosecuted, retrained

Pedestrian walks in front of the bike

Cyclist almost mows the boy

Overtaking while on the phone - warning letter

On the phone on the bridge - warning letter

MET doesn't see phone in plain sight - warning letter