What do I want to prove to anyone?

Jun 10, 2019 - 2 min read

That may be the main question. It would be quite valid if we spoke about past events in my life (as mentioned in Priorities blog post). But this time I mean my 600-mile cycling challenge in August.

I think it's not about proving anything to be honest. If at all, then maybe proving myself that I can stick to the plan and execute it, but in terms of endurance adventures, I did it already. It's not proving myself I can do more than a mortal can do, an average of 100-120 miles per day with proper training before is something most the people should be able to do. My reasons for doing it are totally different.

And it's not about fundraising, but I do appreciate if my effort could be turned into supporting someone.

There are few very basic reasons to go for a week-long ride just by yourself:

  1. `determination - it's easier to stick to exercise and diet when you have a specific goal in mind and plan for it.
  2. mindfulness - spending hours when you feel tiredness, cramps, thirst and hunger allows you to clear your mind from worries and struggles of every day.
  3. appreciation - nature, raw as a background, environment and force to challenge teach you an appreciation of it and of everyday leisure.
  4. endurance - physical is 20%, but 80% of it is in mind. As difficult is to stick in your preparations, it's even more difficult and reforming to stick with your challenge to the very end.
  5. health - well prepared, aligned to abilities but testing physical exercise not only help to fight with weight but allows our bodies to regenerate healthier and stronger afterwards.

Those five things can later help in everyday life:

  1. determination allows reaching goals as jumping on the property ladder or delivering difficult projects by in advance planning.
  2. mindfulness allows being a better parent, mentor and partner.
  3. appreciation helps us to value people and events around us instead of chasing perishable pleasures.
  4. endurance makes us able to take more and go out of our comfort zone to develop and grow.
  5. health is the best investment in ourselves - for our children and their children.

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