The five days of silence

1 min min read - June 25, 2020

On May 6th popular blogger turned presidential candidate, Sergei Tikhanovskiy is being arrested for 15 days (remains in the custody). Except for Reuters, DW and few typical outlets, world media stay silent preferring to write about Belarusian Football League or joke about Lukashenko approach to Coronavirus. On Thursday, June 18th, Victor Babaryka, a former banker turned presidential candidate and his some Edward are being arrested as well.

Media remains relatively silent. Reuters, Guardian, Economist and Financial Times are the main exceptions.

Mass protests begin. It takes one more day for BBC and the Telegraph to notice the tensions

The same day almost 300 (according to official figures) protesters are being arrested. Some journalists.

Babaryka team announces preparation of the nationwide referendum of resetting the constitution to the state of 1994. Most of the media remain silent despite loads of violence.

I start writing it on Monday 22th. Not much has changed, except something starts to crumble in the core of Lukashenko power.

Why there is a feeling that the world doesn't care about Belarus anymore? Read Five reasons on one wants to die for Minsk.

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4 min min read - June 22, 2020