This is a list of all projects I’m or were stronlgy involved (not only hired for) in (and I recollect) which some might succeeded and some might failed.

Motivation of this list is to learn from mistakes and share experience. We should never be shy of our past.

In progress

  • Pushfor - trying to empower innovative content sharing concept with cutting edge javascript technologies
  • TrivCoin - hobby project around blockchain and node
  • (a bit shy yet) lnug - try to contribute to local Node community


  • getLackey WYSIWYG CMS made by Engima Marketing


  • PiwoPodChmurką - political project in Poland trying to change law about drinking in parks and outdoors. It gathers hunders of thousands support, but not enough to change the law. It seed few phrases in common language and is continued by other similar acitons.
  • PureHolidayHomes - holiday rental website, grown great team. Company was taken over by investor and disolved. Part of the team was taken over to new projects of the investor, some continued successful careers elsewhere.


  • ChiefsEye - idea of management tool to plan holidays etc, project simply abandoned. Now you can find such things like
  • ThriftShopLocal - idea of location based second hand sale app/site, project abandoned.
  • Skarina - idea of serverless CMS, abandoned.