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SIELAY Ltd. is private project of Łukasz Marek Sielski, continuation of Sielay Lukasz Sielski, SIELAY Coworking Team, SIELAY Coworking Space, and SIELAY Łukasz Sielski (PL). SIELAY Ltd. was foremly named Hire Poles Limited. SIEALY Ltd. is registered as limited company in United Kingdom. learn more

What we do?

Software Development

If you need part time CTO or want to create MVP of your idea I may help. If not personally I can help you find people to join you. If it's about JavaScript (Node, Angular, jQuery, Vanilla), PHP, NoSQL databases (or relational in sensible cases) I feel more than happy to discuss it.


UK skill shortage is a fact. Don't want to waste time discovering all ups and downs of outsourcing, off-shoring or importing experts for your projects? Want to find best matches from Poland, Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine. I think I am more than able to help you.


Need to find a partner, mentor or investor? I was very lucky meeting amazing people from London and Thames Valley area who are looking for people as you. Looking for great agency offshore or new markets. Let me help you meet the right people.


Here are few things we are proud of


Stabilised and highly testable fork of meanjs/mean. License MIT. See more


Set of applications that help you bind tolls you already you and easily answer daily questions. License CPAL-01. See more

Shorte.st Node

Node library for Shorte.st link monetization. License MIT. See more


Markdown table of contents processor. License MIT. See more

Tag Queue

Light queueing library for JavaScript. License MIT. See more


JavaScript library for gambling maths. License MIT. See more

More About

SIELAY Ltd. is another form of my journey

SIELAY is my personal project, which took various forms across they years. It's more social project that emphasise values and mission than an figures spotted agency. The aim of it is to seed and improve ideas, invest in people who can change the world. Investment doesn't have to mean money. It's mostly about spreading knowledge, attitude, passion and bounds. It's about taking chances and risks together.

  • 2014 to present


    Project fully moved to United Kingdom and started to take part more in open source community. For a year cooperated with promissing startup Apprecie.com. Also gathered group of about 500 IT specialist from Poland willing to take remote jobs and projects.

    Personally I work as Lead Developer in Time Inc. UK*.

    *) Time Inc. UK is not involved, influenced, connected or affected by SIELAY Ltd.

  • 2011-2014


    Amazing period of leading group of 9 developers and 5 customer support specialists for @Leisure group. Maintaining main project Pure Holiday Homes and Belvilla. Currently massive part of the team continues mission maintaining one of the biggest holiday rental aggregators Casamundo.

  • 2006-2011

    SIELAY Łukasz Sielski

    Period that founded it all. Gaining extraordinary experience in WAYN.com starting from Web Developer and leaving as an Software Architect. Later spent a year with Nokia Gate5 (currently Nokia HERE as Senior JavaScript Developer working on one of leading mobile maps that time. In the end improved skills around visual effects, phisics and gamifications working with Game Factory doing projects for Wooga, Adobe and CrowdPark. Also succeed to create silly flash game that influenced media during Polish Presidential Election of 2010.

  • Before

    All started in early childhood with Turbo Pascal, later Delphi. Had chance to participate in early projects of Jabber community, learned C#, later web technologies. Started to work professionally in 2004.

Who am I?

Łukasz Marek Sielski


Great People I recommend

Paweł Podolak

PixelManufaktura, Casamundo

Łukasz Wadas


more to come


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