If you have a great idea for business

We have perfect a team to make it come true

About us

SIELAY is elite network of experienced freelancers. We tailored our skills and communication for years. Now we are ready to deliver great knowledge and experience connected to unique structure.

Why elite?
We gather only freelancers who worked closely together and are recommended as best available.

Why unique?
We can deliver you flexible, cost-effective remote resources, with direct UK based team member. This way you can avoid all communication- language- culture issues typical for working with freelancers.

Why better?
Don't worry about time needed to find team that understand eachother. Forget about losing your goals in mails to team you can't meet face to face. Run from costs of setting up overseas branch facilities.


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Client cases

How we already helped

Complete Business Support

Moving product management, software development and customer support to Poland helped us to save over 50% of costs, which we could spend on marketing.

You don't have to setup the whole business structure for your startup. If you have an idea and want to focus on sale, we can take all the other load from you.

Our project and product managers can improve your service according to your objective. Our developers can make it work, testers can ensure quality and customer support team can handle the whole communication with the customers.

Scale up dev team

It was too difficult and too expensive to scale up our own development team. As an alternative we've chosen experienced, recognized specialists with all required skills and knowledge. In the end, we had a single invoice to pay.

You have an experienced team in your country, but its capacity is almost over? It's too expensive to get new people on board? Imagine that in Poland you can get far more experienced specialists for 50% of average budget in the UK?

You need specific skills. It’s not a problem. Let's find them and forget about the relocation costs.

Bulk work

With budget similar to hiring in the Philippines or India, you are able to get a big team to process your data. You just give it and get results. That's simple.

Need customer support, sales, data processing work? Tired of low-quality work from the Far East? Can't outsource your data outside the European Union? Imagine that Poland is a unique source of multilingual work force.

You need a big team to reach massive objectives. Be sure, that it will be hard to find a better offer.

Talents source

Our environment makes who we are

Szczecin is one of the largest cities in Poland. With huge number of IT companies and very strong community of developers it's great resource for the industry. One of most important aspects of that source is direct links between specialists. Very often you are able to verify skills without bigger effort and pick these people, who are mostly recommended.

but we are also in the UK If you need contact us face to face. That's no problem. Our vision is to build perfect link between business in the UK and resources in Poland. That's why managers are always nearby to help you find best people for your project and improve your internal communication.

al. Papieża Jana Pawła II 3
70-764 Szczecin, Poland
+48 601 735363
Berlin Tegel
1h 55m
🚌 3h
Berlin Schönefeld
1h 55m
🚌 2h 30m
🚌 1h
Bristol, Cracow, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London Standsted, Oslo Gardermoen, Warsaw

Skills on board

We pick only the best

Read about skills Łukasz architect, manager

If you need someone to help you build and drive your team; or if you need a rescue team

Read about skills Waldemar architect, senior developer

If you need some R&D scout or all stack developer for difficult tasks

Read about skills Natalia project manager

If you manage your remote team, especially when team speaks Polish

Read about skills Wojciech senior extreme developer

If you need all stack rambo or solid team member

Read about skills Krzysztof solid senior developer

If you need to properly run a system with a single developer

Read about skills Paweł rapid senior developer

If you needs visally strong extreme developer

Read about skills Marcin flexible developer

If you need creative, all stack scout

Read about skills Andrzej web developer

If you need someone who will make your CMS work in the way you desire

Read about skills Michał web developer

If you need someone who will make your CMS listen to you

Read about skills Maciej support developer

If you need someone rookie to help you go on

Monika, Hanna and Joachim senior customer care

If you need someone who will look after your clients

Kamil and Tomasz data editors

If you need power to manage your data

All skills

  • PHP (Core, Codegniter, PHPCake, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, ZEND)
  • Java (Android, Web Services)
  • JavaScript (Vanilla.js, jQuery, Dojo, Ovi, Prototype, MooTools)
  • Python (Django)
  • C/C++
  • C#/VB.NET
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Action Script 2/3/Flex
Data and Administration
  • Bash, Shell
  • Linux, BSD, Windows, Android, PhoneGap
  • MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch
Visuals, Integration, Communication
  • HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, Responsive Design, PhotoShop, Flash, Bootstrap
  • Facebook, Google+, VKontakte, UX/UI, i18n/l10n
  • Amazon AWS, SVN, GIT, Mercurial
  • Agile, Scrum, Continous Integration
  • English, Polish, German, Russian